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Guide [Image Heavy]Guide to making the new Tinker's Construct items.

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I've noticed some confusion on how to make the new items from Tinker's Construct so I've made a small guide.

First start with a Blank Pattern:
Place the Blank Pattern in the Stencil Table. Use the next button to find the new part you want. I've used the Tough Tool Rod as my example.
Next place the new pattern in the Part Builder. Note that the new parts have a higher material cost than the older items. Meaning you'll need to use more wood/stone/iron/etc. to make them. The Tough Tool Rod for example has a material cost of 3.
After making sure you have the correct number of materials in place for the items material cost you can take your new part.
NOTE: The only parts from the new items this does not apply to are the Bow String and Fletching. These can be made with the normal Part Builder table as they do not use metal. String for the Bow String and Fethers for the Fletching. (I'm not sure about the "slime" fletching)
Now you need to go to your smeltry and right click to place the item you just made in the Casting Table.
Now you need to make sure you have gold in your smeltry.
You can now pour the gold into the casting table with the part still in place.
You can now remove the part and new cast from the table. To make the new part you just put the cast into the table and pour whatever metal you want to make it from into it.
Hopefully you've done this for each of the parts you need for the new items. The last new item you're going to need is the new Tool Forge.
When you interact with this new table it will look similar to the regular Tool Station but will have icons for each of the new items.

Hopefully this has made the process clear to everyone. Feel free to post any questions but know that I'm figuring this out as I go so may not have all of the answers.
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Thanks a ton for making this guide, Gorehid! Although I knew most of this already, I'm sure other players will find this incredibly useful!

Posted Jul 22, 13
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Posted Aug 12, 13
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Great guide this is better than anything Google can find me.
Posted Aug 13, 13
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So you can only have gold in the smeltery to make cast?
Posted Sep 24, 13
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