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jisaacs1207pp posted Aug 10, 14
AVAST! Ye guys may not be knowin' me. I be a developer fer Hexxit 'n 5K. Some shout I be owner, but I would hardly qualify as that considerin' how wee the hour I spend aboard. 

Ye may notice that we've got a multi-ship setup goin' fer Hexxit now. That came wit' a handful 'o problems. Ultimately, it seems as though th' players have chosen to link th' economies 'n items. It took a few days but I brewed up yonder UPS (Universal Postage System.. harharhar) fer ye.

Th' UPS system be intended to transfer items easily between players, accounts, or servers. It takes an item from ye grubby paws 'n stocks it in th' warehouse fer a small fee. Ye can then receive it later, regardless 'o what ship ye be on. It does NOT take in to account if an item be banned, 'n any banned items gunna be confiscated automatically. Also, 'tis not be intended as a storage method, only fer transfers. Items, on every hour, be wiped from th' warehouse. Post it, 'n then receive it ASAP.

Commands :
/ups version - Current version of the UPS.
/ups check - Checks how much postage costs.
/post - Takes an item from your hands and sends it to the UPS warehouse.
/post <name> - Takes an item and drops it in another player's warehouse.
/receive - Receives an item from the warehouse.
/receive <number> - Receives several items from the warehouse.
icyfire1 GM I quite literally, have no idea what you just said, but it sounds awesome . ...

August Sale

Respawn1984 posted Aug 5, 14

Currently, we are running 4 AMAZING coupons for this Month![/b]

50off - Give them while they are hot! Gives you 50% off your entire cart BUT only 5 are available.

40off - Give them while they are hot! Gives you 40% off your entire car BUT only 5 are available.

30off - Give them while they are hot! Gives you 30% off your entire cart BUT only 5 are available.

5off - Gives you 5% off your cart. Coupon is unlimited for this month!

Thank you all SO much for your continued support!
Speaker_Squad Respawn do you get the 50% off coupon when u purchace stuff?

Hexxit Server

Respawn1984 posted Jul 30, 14

Who Are We?

Good question! We are a group of individuals who have been hosting Minecraft Servers  for quite a while now. We have an experienced staff who have all had a hand in running our previous very successful server group called Five Kingdoms. We've decided to press on to more updated bases, and thus, Hexxit is born!

We are undoubtedly the fastest and most original and in-depth Hexxit server around. Why play with us over all of the other Hexxit servers you see available? Well, we are glad you asked!

99.9% Uptime GUARANTEED

Lagless Fun

No Surprise Resets

Seasoned and Friendly Adult Staff

Unique Gameplay Experience

Custom Plugins

Hexxit Teamspeak Server

Not Pay To Win

Challenging and Fun

Epic Hardware

Contests and Games

Less Banned/Restricted Items

Less Removed Mods

Whether you want to dominate the market, wreck your friends, or have an adventure, our server is DEFINITELY for you! If you want to play Hexxit the way it was intended, why not come by the original Hexxit.org server and see what all the noise is about!

Currently Recruiting

RojSmith posted Apr 10, 14
Hey we are currently recruiting staff. 
Make sure you read our rules before applying

Then you can apply here
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Odin StormGod Donator
Ultimate VIP · $30.00 · Mon at 1:20
Mitsumiichi Legendary
Large Backpack + Soul Tether, Scale Armor Set + Soul Tether · $13.80 · Aug 19, 14
Get the command to fly! · $9.00 · Aug 18, 14


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